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One Thing Project

By coming together, we can weave our experiences and learnings into a tapestry of collective knowledge that can make the world feel like a less lonely place. 

As part of our inaugural community project, we wanted to explore the things that help put you in a good frame of mind, so we asked for:

  • A quote or saying that has stuck with you since the moment you heard/read it.

  • One thing that instantly puts you in a better mood.

  • One thing you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you had the chance.

  • One question you wish people would stop asking you.

  • One thing you love about what you do (whether it be work-related or a hobby).

  • A photo of a fond memory


Click on the tiles below to discover the things that have been putting smiles on faces!


A big thank you to everybody who took part!

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