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Is Blue Monday the Mondiest Monday of all Mondays?

Image reads: Today is the mondiest Monday of the year.

Today is the Mondiest Monday of the year. Or is it?

Did you know that the term ‘Blue Monday’ was actually coined by a travel company?

Supposedly the “most depressing day of the year”, ‘Blue Monday’ was calculated by taking into account certain factors such as the average hours of daylight, temperature levels, our financial situation especially after the festive season, and days until the next bank holiday.

But contrary to belief, the term Blue Monday wasn’t the result of a scientific study, it was actually a UK travel company that started labelling the third Monday of January as ‘Blue Monday’ in an attempt to encourage people to book their next holiday!

It wouldn’t be uncommon for people to feel down when we hear it’s Blue Monday because we feel we’re supposed to feel down on this day. And of course, January being January, there are many reasons as to why it’s a tough month for many of us. But don’t give into ‘Blue Monday’ just because we’ve been given an excuse to.

So before you automatically assume that today is going to be blue, here are some happier fun facts about well, blue!

  • Blue is the world’s favourite colour! In the countless amounts of surveys that have been done on what a person’s favourite colour is, blue comes out on top!

  • Surprisingly, blue is the rarest colour in nature. Who would’ve thought?!

  • Back in the day, blue was one of the most expensive pigments for painters and therefore the colour was only used for important subjects.

So there you go, if this Monday is in fact blue, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Happy Blue Monday!!

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