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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We have the opportunity to use our voices for all those who have been forcibly silenced. Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. Remember that.

History will keep repeating itself

If we are unwilling to learn,

The injustices that surround us

Are more than just a ‘cause for concern’.

The things people get punished for

Are an absolute disgrace,

From the choice of who we love,

To the colour of our skin, and our race.

We must ask ourselves the question:

Is this a world of which we are proud?

One filled with constant injustices

‘Cause of the behaviour we allowed?

A world where people live in fear

For simply being who they are,

It was decades ago in the history books,

Yet we haven’t come along that far.

When will enough be enough?

How many lives do we have to mourn?

When will this blood-stained darkness

Finally turn into a dawn?

When we don’t make a change,

We are making a choice;

Instead of witnessing in silence,

We must use the gift of our voice

And though there are many things

We may not personally understand,

We can show our strength in unity,

And stand united; hand in hand.

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