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Mental health advocate inspires shift in perspectives through poetry as world adjusts to new normal

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

London, United Kingdom. 13 January 2022. For immediate release.

As the world tries to slowly adjust to a new 'normal', a new collection of thought-provoking poetry – A Journey of a Thousand Steps – that highlights the importance of self-care and a positive mindset, is set to be a much-needed read in this current climate.

Toronto-based British writer Nikita Monteiro, 31, penned and published the

emotionally-charged poetry book from the corner of her bedroom during the unprecedented Covid-19 lockdown, whilst virtually collaborating with illustrators from Kenya and Tanzania.

“The pandemic has shown me how little control we have over things external to us, but at the same time has reminded me that we always have enough power within ourselves to shape our perceptions and make the best of any situation, if we allow ourselves to”, Nikita reflects.

It wasn’t until a trusted colleague suggested she try a therapy session that it came to Nikita’s attention that she had actually been battling with anxiety from a young age. Now with the appropriate tools and understanding in tow, Nikita decided to seek new horizons across the pond in Canada, having never been to the country before. She has since been on a mission to improve her own mental wellbeing, as well as of those around her.

“There are definitely a lot of misconceptions surrounding mental health and counselling that stopped me from even entertaining the idea of therapy sooner. How can you deal with anxiety when you don’t even realise you’re suffering from it? How can we be of help to others if we don’t know how to identify it?"

The mental health advocate founded Daydream Seized in 2019 with the aim of offering support to those who struggle with anxiety, like herself, and help others discover the superpowers they already have within them.

Since its inception, the poet has been championed by best-selling author and 2009 Goi Peace Award winner Dr Bruce Lipton and also launched the One Thing Project, collaborating with social media users spanning five continents, to create a community of shared experiences along with the opportunity to learn from one another.

Divided into six chapters to reflect a journey of self-discovery, as well as a section for journalling, her debut anthology of poetry inspires a positive shift in perspective on how members of society often view themselves and the world around them, and imbues underlying messages of hope and self-love.

“After two years where many of us have felt more isolated than ever, these poems were written to serve as a reminder that although it may feel like it at times, you are not alone and that now is as good as any time to Seize the Daydream.”

A Journey of a Thousand Steps by Nikita Monteiro is available for purchase internationally, via Amazon and other book retailers worldwide, such as Barnes & Noble and Blackwell’s.

Further information about the book along with further articles by Nikita Monteiro can be found at

Contact info:

Organisation: Daydream Seized

Images related to this article can be found on Google Drive.


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