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Conversation with a squirrel

Being brave doesn't mean we're not scared; it means we refuse to be overcome by fear and panic. Remember, it's always darkest before the dawn.

I suddenly felt a tad overwhelmed

And heard a voice call me outside

‘Come sit and just be still with me

Underneath these beautiful skies’

And as my tears fell down my face

And I tried my best to breathe

A squirrel just came out of nowhere

To say hello to me

I watched it climb to the top of a tree

So gracefully and with ease

It held itself so steadily

Though the branches were shaking in the breeze

The sky above kept changing colour

From grey to blue to grey

But nothing seemed to phase this squirrel

It just carried on with its day

And then I realised that the cold wind

Doesn’t blow for all that long

It’s always darkest before the dawn

Be brave and carry on.

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