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Updated: May 9

Everything is impermanent, so why do we find ourselves afraid of change? Remember, if nothing ever changed, they'd be no butterflies.

We are constantly changing

From the moment we are born

Similar to the way that

Dusk transforms to dawn

In the circle of life

We know this to be true

Instead of holding onto the past

We should build upon the new

We’re different to when we were children

We understand we had to grow

But once we get to a certain age

We don’t like to change what we know

But everything that surrounds us

Is in a state of transformation

We really have no choice in the matter

There is no negotiation

Nothing lasts forever

Look around and you will see

It’s all just part of the process

So we can be who we’re meant to be

A caterpillar lives its whole life

Accepting that it has to die

So it can move on to better things

And be reborn as a butterfly

Though these creatures seem different

They are the same at its core

A butterfly accepts its fate

Despite a caterpillar no more

We begin to feel uncomfortable

When we realise things aren’t the same

But it’s all just part of the process

There’s so much that we can gain

Everything is constantly changing

So be sure to ride the wave

Cherish every fleeting moment

Embrace it and be brave.

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