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A year from now...

A poem I wrote on the theme 'a year from now' as part of HitRecord's #makethingsapril quarantine lockdown challenge.

A year from now

Things won’t be the same

I might not be where I expected

I might not be where I aimed

But a year from now

I hope I still have reasons to smile

That I’m still making fond memories

That make living life worthwhile

A year from now

I hope the skies are still blue

The fish are swimming freely

And there are still unspoiled views

A year from now

I hope I still go to bed warm

I still have food on my table

And shelter from the storms

A year from now

There are things I won’t remember

What was on my to-do list

Or how it’s already December!

But right in this moment

I’m grateful for what I’ve got

I’m focusing on all I do have

Instead of what I’ve not

A year from now

Is a long, long way away

So for now I’ll live in the moment

For now, I’ll seize the day.

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