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When we lose someone, it's always a shock to the system – even when we feel we are prepared. During this pandemic, and times of social distancing, it's even harder to know how to grieve, but it's important we allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel.

Now that you have left me

I can’t control my tears

Losing you had alway been

One of my greatest fears

It’s a real shock to the system

I can’t even comprehend

I thought we’d be together

Until the very end

It’ll take a while to get used to

Not having you right there

Being here without you

Is a life beyond compare

Everything around me

Makes me think of you

I hear you in a song

I see you in a view

As I lay my head down

My eyes begin to weep

I just can’t switch my brain off

How am I supposed to sleep?

I know I should feel grateful

For all the time we had

But I can’t help feel angry

On top of feeling sad

Maybe it’s being selfish

For me to feel this way

I guess it’s just a part of life

A price that we must pay

They say that it’ll get easier

They say that time heals all

But it’s difficult knowing that

You won’t come when I call

I am blessed to have known you

I’ll carry you in my heart

So you will always be with me

Even though we’re so far apart.

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