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Sometimes we don't realise how our actions can have such a big impact on others. Be kind. Be considerate. Lead with love. Always.

I hope you feel this heartache

‘Cause I’m sitting here in pain

I’m tired of having to explain myself

Over and over again

I can’t make you do anything

It’s always your own choice

Though you seem to listen to me

I don’t think you hear my voice

You say you have my back

But your actions don’t agree

You’re not thinking about anyone but yourself

So why would you think of me?

It’s all about the perspective

From your point of view

But did you ever stop to wonder

What if you were in someone else’s shoe?

It hurts because I know that

You’re not thinking of me at all

Yet you still expect me to come running

To pick you up when you fall

Maybe you’ll think twice

Before you next decide to act

And maybe when you do

My heart will remain intact

‘Cause, when you act without thinking

Your actions change both our fates

And by the time you even realise

It may already be too late.

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